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The cold harsh winter of Utah settles in. Most inhabitants of Logan are quietly confident in the ability of their homes to brave the coldest storm. Some, however, have been remiss in the proper maintenance of their doors and windows. A draft is felt by a window or there is a cold spot noticed by the garage door. Winter promises to intrude in this way upon many homes. Let there no doubt that a winter storm will eventually arrive and take advantage of any imprudent homeowner who has not adequately maintained his windows and doors. Properly maintaining and repairing windows and doors is paramount in obtaining energy efficiency. All ingresses including entry doors, garage doors and patio doors are susceptible to the ravages of winter. First check to see if the window or door installation was done correctly. Correct any deficiencies. Then, examine and, where necessary, replace aging trim and seals to help eliminate drafts and keep out the cold. In older homes, this susceptibility is much more evident. In extreme cases, the homeowner should consider door or window replacement. Door or window installation is eminently affordable and can actually pay for itself by saving money on utility bills.
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  • Roger Ward, the owner of Doormaster, and his team understand the intricacies of this process. A door or window installation may seem simple to complete but it must be done expertly to offer the greatest eye appeal and insulating effect. Repairs are equally important and must be carefully executed to forestall repeated deterioration. The repair of garage doors is especially tricky as there are dozens of varieties. Doormaster carries many of the specialty parts necessary to unusual or obsolete garage doors. When the time arrives to install new entry doors or new patio doors, consider Doormaster. From a single door installation to a complete window replacement, the team at Doormaster has the expertise to explain the various advantages and liabilities of all the door and window products available. Once a choice is made, DoormasterÂ’s installers will provide the Logan, UT Doormaster homeowner with the most energy efficient and finest looking doors and windows possible. With any project, Doormaster will truly provide added beauty and value to the home.
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